Sunday, February 28, 2010

Things That Skeeve Me Out


#1: Johnny Depp in pretty much everything he has ever done. Except 21 Jump Street. What a cutie he was!

Guess who isn't going to see Alice in Wonderland?

#2: My sister's stuffed cat that she had when she was a baby that is real rabbit fur and doesn't have any arms or legs (just a body) and it should have gone away forever many many years ago but she kept it and she found it the other day and now it is in her bedroom.
It is named Snowy. Snowy is EVIL

Guess who isn't going in her sister's bedroom any more?


JC said...

Johnny has had a few roles that were ok .. the gypsy one ... about the lady who sold chocolate. Can't think of the name of ... You are a Silly .. the stuffed cat though has to go !!!

critterlover said...

Oh noooo, I love me some Johnny Depp in everything he's done. He's such a talented and versatile actor!

I recall in 21 Jump Street, he didn't want to be pigeon-holed in to the pretty boy roles, he wanted he career to be diverse and really show his talent. He's done that in spades!

Choclat - yes, I loved that one too. Mmmmm.

funny kitty, no limbs. LOL.

Anonymous said...

I'm totally with you on Johnny in Alice... not going to see that. It does make me want to read the book though.

I'm with you on the doll, too. It reminds me of the clown in the post office commercial. Take their advice - if it fits, it ships at one low price. But there better not be a package on MY doorstep next week.