Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Road Trip: Part 3

At this point the excitement of being on the road was starting to wane.
Down the road a bit we saw Zzyzx Road which is a really cool name so I took a picture.

Further down the road we had to go through the Agricultural Inspection Check Point. This was a harrowing experience because we hadn’t quite finished off the snacks yet and we were worried that the Coconut M & Ms we had could be considered to be fruit. Nevermind that coconuts aren’t fruit and nevermind that there was no actual coconut in the coconut M & Ms (not to mention that WHO EVEN KNEW THAT THEY EXISTED)—we were still stressed out that they might confiscate our M & Ms. Thankfully, as one would expect from highly paid professional Agricultural Inspection Police, the officer was texting on his cell phone when we drove up and he just waived us through without nary a peek at the 10 tons of oranges we had stuffed in the back of our vehicle.
Moving along… we drove through Barstow.. where the traffic again was bumper to bumper heading into Vegas. We so badly wanted to tell them to TURN AROUND!!! But our warnings fell on deaf ears…..
About the time we were in Barstow I asked my sister, very nicely, if she would let me get a picture of a cow for my blog. You guys have NO IDEA the amount of imagination, effort and creative stimulation that goes into this blog. I carry that camera all the time. I keep notes of interesting things. I watch the world around me. I listen to dumb things people say and see dumb things they do and I document these things. And I needed a picture of a cow. But NOOOOOOOO she couldn’t manage to stop any of the times I saw a cow to take a picture. I ask for ONE THING and she couldn’t do it. It was hurtful I tell you. Even worse than the time she killed my parakeet when we were kids. Okay maybe not THAT hurtfull… but still…..
So…. We drove and drove and drove through the Mojave desert that looks astonishingly exactly like UTAH and finally arrived home at 6:40pm. 870 miles with 17 hours of drive time. Wow.
We put on our jammies and went to sleep. It is very quiet in the house only the three of us again.


JC said...

Yikes, what a drive...
Why doesn't the x pay for flights ?

Anonymous said...

A cow? And you're not going to tell us why you needed this picture of a cow? You tease!