Monday, January 4, 2010

Road Trip Part 2

We got back in the car (here is the excitement brewing at the thought of headingback into traffic) and crossed over into California! Yea!!! Here is a shot of the traffic. Just so you get an idea of what this was like--- here is a shot of the odometer and clock when we got on the freeway after crawling up the onramp. I am sorry that it is so hard to read but it shows 2:45pm and the last four digits of the odometer read 176.
Here is a shot about half an hour later.

Note that we had traveled about 1 mile. Don’t be jealous—you can come with us next time.

We almost got a ticket trying to dump Lauren out but then saw that there was a fine for animal abandonment. Seriously, she was a very good girl so dumping here didn’t even cross my mind. But it is good to know for future reference, you know?
Now right here I could tell you all about the road trip snacks we got and consumed but I think I am going to leave that for it’s very own blog so check back for that.

About halfway home from Vegas we got to see the World’s Largest Thermometer in Baker, California. Very Exciting!


JC said...

You are seriously my entertainment. Too Funny ...

critterlover said...

You're funny. I'm glad you can find humor in it. That kind of traffic makes me crazy!