Saturday, January 2, 2010

Eggnog Jog

The next morning dawned bright and beautiful as I skipped out to work for a little while. At 8:15 a group of us met at the YMCA for the 5K Eggnog Jog.There was Jericho (amazing daughter in law), Monica (amazing sister), Chandra (amazing friend), and Ashlie (amazing niece) and me (just plain amazing). The YMCA representative set us out on a route over the freeway and around a neighborhood and through the auto mall. She told us to be sure to not fall off the freeway (I really tried though) and to make eye contact with drivers of cars so we wouldn’t get run over. It is my fault that we brought up the rear. Again. I just don’t walk any too fast. I mean, I had to go to the restroom a few times (directic) I had to stop and take pictures etc…. Here is a picture of the group walking along. Here is a picture of my sister acting like she was blind (get it) and lastly, here is a picture of we Rebellious Women--- the sign says no stopping so we just HAD TO STOP RIGHT THERE. That is right. DON’T TELL US WHAT TO DO, you are not the boss of us.

It was a load of fun!

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critterlover said...

Brava! I love the 5k's, I used to do them often, it's been a while. Good on you!