Friday, December 4, 2009

Things I Hate

Raise your hand if you hate those motion controlled paper towel dispensers that they have in some public restrooms.

Are you raising your hand?

Because I am not sensing it.
Okay put it down next to the monitor and wave it around
Do some jazz hands

I am just not sensing it, are you sure you are waving?
Are you SURE????
Try doing that move from 'Grease' the hand chuck or something

Are you doing it?
Because I am JUST NOT SENSING IT and I can't dispense more wit on this blog until I sense it

Forget it

Wipe your hands on your pants then



Angela said...

Hello! I came here from Suzanne's blog post! I agree with you! I hate those new paper towel things! And while we are on the subject, I hate the automatic flush and the automatic water to wash my hands! Where's the WATER? Did it FLUSH? hehehe

Have a Wonderful Weekend!

That corgi :) said...

Hi; came out from a comment you left on Angela's blog and when you mentioned you were on the other coast, I knew you had to be in California so I came to check you out; I'm south of you in the Temecula valley

I hate these motion detector thingies. I just touch it to get the towel to dispense; otherwise no motions I've ever done has ever worked


Anonymous said...

You would love my jazz hands, but in the category of things I hate: the ridiculously small portion of paper towel that you get for all that waving and dancing around in front of the machine! I guess they figure that all that hand waving has dried your hands about 90% anyway.

critterlover said...

Well, luckily, as it turns out... you don't often need the towel dispensed if they have the motion sensor water faucet, BECAUSE THEY RARELY WORK. Sheesh.

*Jazz hands* :-)