Thursday, December 3, 2009

Adventures in Higher Education

Most of you know that I am on a quest to complete my Bachelors Degree in Business. I started my college education off with a bang and an AA way back in 1982-- mere weeks before my wedding. Yea, verily, I can see with clarity the moment I veered off the path..... and neglected to take the road less taken.........


I have taken courses here and there over the years but started back with a goal in mind about 2 years ago. Thus far I have accumulated an additional 19 credits toward the 3959 that I need to graduate (slightly exaggerated for effect).
And I have met with advisers at CSUB regularly. Today I went again to review what I have taken and have yet to take only to find out that some of my ancient transcripts were mis-interpreted because the course numbers have changed over the years. I mean some of my earliest stuff was in hieroglyphics. And an art course I took a few years back was Art XVII so there you go....

The good news: The ONLY course I had managed to register for spring I have already taken!!
The bad news: The ONLY course I had managed to register for spring I have already taken!!
By the time I got to register virtually everything I needed was closed. As it was I had to beg my boss to let me take off time during the day to take this course.
So NOW what do I do?????
Thankfully.... the course that follows this one Managerial Accounting had a few openings for the same days and time so I am good. Apparently there are actually classes that are too boring for even desperate students to take.
The other bad news is I discovered there is another course I need to take.
You better sit down for this one: FINITE MATHEMATICS
Finite Mathematics? As opposed to what.... INFINITE MATHEMATICS????
Egads, isn't it enough that you have to deal with IMAGINARY NUMBERS without having to deal with FINITE MATHEMATICS?
Can anyone tell me what the heck this is???????
I mean, if I can ever register for it I will be sure to educate you all on exactly what it is because I will become an expert you know.

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I should email my girlfriend about this.