Friday, December 11, 2009

A Christmas/ Hannukah Conversation

Let me say right up front that I didn't ask permission to blog about this, so I am going to use a pseudonym for the players in this conversation.

Person Who For The Sake Of Brevity and Anonymity Will Be Known As Laura: My friends Mandy and Tracey were talking today about if it is allowed for Jewish people to have Christmas lights.

LuAnn: What do you mean 'allowed' like is it legal?

Laura: No, are they allowed?

LuAnn: Well, are they Orthodox or Conservative or ethnic/cultural Jews?

Laura: (Withering Stare)

LuAnn: Well, it is mostly a free country so you can do whatever you want. Mostly.

Laura: Okay how about if we put a menorah on our lawn?

LuAnn: Why would we do that?

Laura: (uuhhhhhh)
LuAnn: Do you know what a menorah commemorates?

Laura: The 8 days of Christmas!

LuAnn: (THUD)

Over a decade of very expensive private Christian School education.

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Anonymous said...

Hilarious! Gee, I wonder who Laura could be?