Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas Day

My Report On Christmas Day:
We were astounded that Santa came, judged that the kids had been more nice than naughty, and left gifts for them. Malley the cat preferred to play with a rubber band he found and some boxes.

This is my son and daughter in law wearing some very silly hats. I don’t know where they get it. I am so dignified and serious myself. They got the four of us who live in the house Snuggies because we are always so cold. It is a big house and it is always about 60 degrees downstairs.

After a yummy breakfast The 1st Annual Fenner-Williamson Holiday Olympics commenced.
Teams were drawn: Brandon, Jericho, Ashlie and Zachary on one team. Lauren, Monica, Rebecca and Scooter on the other. First up was Pictionary played with modeling clay. That is me timing the game. I am wearing my own version of a holiday shirt “The beatings will continue until morale improves” heh

Game Two was a who knows who the best type game including questions like favorite color, day of the week you were born on, what kind of chocolate do you like best etc….
Game Three was a word scramble. Now, you all KNOW how much I hate to poke fun at my sister. It is SO HARD for me to do this…. But she just makes it too easy. All of the words were from the story of Christ’s birth including Shepards, Angels, Baby Jesus, Manger etc…. one of the words, pre-scramble was ‘yarm’. Can anyone guess what that correct answer was? If you said ‘army’ you are wrong. THERE WAS NO ARMY AT THE NATIVITY!!!!!! Hello? Monica? Army. Buuaaaahhhhaaahhhaaaa (She says to me “You are going to blog about this aren’t you?” OF COURSE I AM) Just in case you are still confused… the word I was looking for was Mary. Not army.
The last game I had planned was a relay race that involved unwrapping a gift in the family room, running to the living room, re-wrapping the gift and running back to the family room to hand off to the next person on the team.
My family is so talented and smart that at the end of these games we were all tied up. I was not prepared for that. It took me awhile to come up with a tie breaker, which turned out to be drawing Christmas trees and snowmen while wearing blindfolds. And the winners were the RED TEAM: Brandon, Jericho, Ashlie and Zachary. It was soooo close. It was a heartbreaker…. So their names will be embellished on the Fabulous Trophy.

Christmas dinner was great. We barely had enough food. Especially the mashed potatos. (insert sarcasm here). It was awesome to have the whole family together and we feel very blessed that we can all be together and celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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critterlover said...

Look at you all. Great pictures, great stories and such fun. What a lovely day you had. I'm so glad.