Thursday, November 19, 2009

What Can You Do? Tell Me!

Tonight I am contemplative.
Not a really happy place to be but I am trying to find peace in the midst of it anyhow.
What do I know right now
You can't make someone stop smoking even when it is a slow death that is going to hurt everyone around you
You can't make someone lose weight even when it is the same result as the smoking
You can't make a cat stop meowing when she has something she needs to say even when you explain to her that you don't understand and she is making you crazy
You can't make someone care about themselves even when you want it very badly.

So, what is it that you can do?

Any suggestions???? I know you are out there. I hear you breathing sometimes.......


Rags said...

You already do it so well: care. Keep showing that you care about them and evetually they'll be overwhelmed by guilt and have to submit to your better judgement. It works for me.

Stacy Vogt said...

Ok, I agree with rags. Guilt, nagging, praying. Usually works on me. Or, for me. Moms are really good at guilt. My husband is a good case of "I should have listened". He has COPD from smoking. So, even though he quit before he was diagnosed.....well, it is better than not having quit. But, it had to be his decision. Some people just can't do what they know they should when it comes to what is best for them. So, pray. We are all like this in some way. I know I am. But, pray anyway. Love ya.

critterlover said...

It's about one of the hardest lessons for me. I can't change others', only myself. I can't change others' actions, only how I react.

Smoking, and weight loss, I can say from personal experience will only happen when the person is ready. Then you can support them. Until them, nagging only makes it worse for all involved.

Love and accept, if you can. Wait, if you can't.

There's my $.02

Remember, you asked.