Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Here I am again!!

So, the desktop was up and running........ for about half an hour.......
Then it started making this noise.
So, I did what I usually do when something mechanical makes a noise-- turned up the radio.
Then it just shut off and won't come back on.


Soooooo tomorrow I will take it to Master IT Wizard, Tom, to see if it can be saved.
Send good computer vibes, Geeezers!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...... I am back on my laptop. I love my laptop if I am going to surf at Panera, not so much to work on.
But I knew you had to be wondering what I have been up to so here we are.
Last weekend Monica and I took our girls to Sea World.
If you remember last spring when we endured the Horrible Time Share Presentation from Hell we won Sea World tickets. Unfortunately these came along with a list of exclusions that made using them basically impossible. But the thought of visiting Shamu stuck with us and so finding ourselves both off work for the whole weekend we did what any irresponsible adults would do and blew off the unpacking in lieu of a weekend away.

The next few blogs will chronicle our adventure.
Keep in mind I do have permission from the blog victims to relate any and all embarrassing stories. These days when something interesting happens I get this look "You are going to blog about this, aren't you?" Only if I get permission!!!


JC said...

I love Sea World ... well, the weather in San Diego at least. Did they still have penquins ? And, did you go to the show and sit close enough to get wet ?

critterlover said...

I too adore Sea World and San Diego. I haven't been there in forever.

Karen said...

The last time we went to Sea World, we got splashed and were soaked clear through...even my shoes were wet and by the end of the day I had blisters from the wet shoes! ouch!