Friday, October 23, 2009


My friend Chandra, is da bomb.
She has the sweetest heart. And she is sooooo incredibly tolerant of my quirkiness Last weekend was extreme. She fielded a 2:00am phone call and swore it was okay because she was up already. She has teenagers too.
Then we decided that going to the Edwards Air Force Base air show was a great idea.
Oh yeah.... it SOUNDED like a great idea........
It took 3.5 hours to get there-- it is about 30 miles away. Bumper to bumper traffic. Soldiers with big guns watching you. Then you walked across the dry lake bed (where the space shuttle lands in california) to the tram. The tram took you to the security detail where more soldiers with more machine guns went through all your stuff and confiscated dangerous items like the folding chair covers with the cool straps. (I am not putting down the military though- seriously, they are awesome) Then you got on a bus that took you to the hangers and the air field. Seriously amazing displays of our amazing American Air Force. Bombing runs. Ariel acrobatics. The B1, B2 fighter jets... all that cool stuff. I, of course was having just a bit of a panic attack probably brought on by tooo many people or something stupid. But Chandra just took it in stride. This is a pic I took of her in front of a fighter jet (I don't remember which one) carrying her chair without the cover and cool strap.
We saw our friends Becky and Mike there too. Becky is our single mom group leader. She rocks too. And Mike is great!
Back to Chandra....
I have MANY awesome friends. So don't feel left out if I haven't singled you out quite yet.
I just needed to make special note of Chandra this week because she even did that thing that very few friends will do.
She cut her hair with me.
Sunday morning, after surviving the air show, we met at the dog park where we go every week to work on our bible study and to look at cute dogs. I know... but it works for us.... anyhow... after studying for awhile a wierd wind blew and we decided to do something crazy...........
Thats right.... I decided to cut my hair off and she did hers too.
We have curly hair. We thought it would be cool to wear the hair God gave us.
We are not so sure now that was a great idea.
Here is the before picture
I don't have after pictures. Chandra is in denial about the layers in her hair and won't let her hair be free and happy.
I am letting mine be free and happy. Other people seem to like it. I feel messy. On the other hand I don't have to brush it.
Not only does Chandra do all these things with me but I know she prays for me every day. She talks to God about me. She asks His grace for me.

And I know many of you out there do that too-- as I do for you.
It really doesn't get better than that, does it?


Anonymous said...

Aw... Chandra sounds awesome. And it's cool that you call her at 2am (and not me). Seriously though, no 2am phone calls -- unless you really need me, then... ok. I want to see the after pic. If Chandra won't pose, then just you. Is it a buzz cut? Maybe inspired by your EAB visit? 'Cuz you would rock a buzz.

JC said...

What did you do ? Pics ...