Tuesday, September 1, 2009

We Have House!!


And last night we cleaned out almost all of the junk and took almost all of the millions of yards of wiring that went up and down the walls and around windows etc! It was the best tired I have felt in a loong time!!!

It is so exciting! Thank you to EVERYONE who has been praying and sending along good real estate vibes!

Some interesting things have come to light!
There were 35 bottles and cans of beer in the now-defunct beer cupboard!
Monicas Expedition doesn't fit in our garage! How crazy is that???? It isn't a very deep garage.

CONTEST FOR GEEEZERS: Take a guess at what we are going to do with the extra space in there. And if you already know, no cheating!!!

While we were there one of the neighbors came over and introduced himself. Seems like a nice guy. He says "So how do you love the Lakers Room?" I was like... well it looks like it was a fun room but it is going to be lovely soft neutral colors by the weekend. He laughed-- says he spent a lot of time over there and that room was patterned after one he has in his house! LOL Then he says "What do you think about the kitchen?" I said that it is AWESOME (it is) and he says
" the previous owner is still paying on that" I was like Ooookkkkaaayy... That is really sad. So then we talked about him at least getting his pool table out etc..... Interesting conversation for sure!
Okay gang, off to work!!


JC said...

I glad you finally got the keys.

Too bad about the previous owner but you got the house fair & square ... as they say.

Paint away ...

Garage ... crafting area ?

critterlover said...

YAY on the house and finally getting they keys! Enjoy setting up you a nice nest.