Monday, August 31, 2009

Monday: Will This Be 'Key Day'?

Yeah, STILL don't have keys!
Long weird story that I don't have time to tell just now cuz I am almost out the door to work, but various small silly things kept our loan from funding until Friday which means we should have keys today!
So keep praying, Geeezers! As I know you do!!
Over the past week we had our agent let the sellers agent know that we would like for them to go in the house one more time to take out anything they really wanted to keep. So they came and got the pool table and the fish tank and a couple other small things. Unfortunately left the rest of the junk (what kind of why of saying thanks is that?).
So tonight, God willing, we will be in there clearing out junk and taking stuff off the walls so the painter can start tomorrow.
Meanwhile, back at the ranch... Brandon & Jericho and Penny (my grand-puppy) moved in over the weekend so they could get out of their apartment so it is a full house here!
I had to close the cat door so Penny can't get in the house by herself (cuz she does fit) and so I have some confused kitties. So far Sam and Penny seem to be having fun together so that is cool. Sam loves him a little beagle, right Kathy?
Gotta run gang! Be on the watch out for further updates!

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