Monday, August 17, 2009

Pickford Renovations: The Living Room

The loan is ALMOST closed.
We have our Painter (Welcome Alex)
We have our Flooring Company (Welcome Dennis)
We have all you who are planning on so generously giving of your time to help us move (there are far too many to mention by name-- you know who you are)

So off we go into the land of "Foreclosed Home Renovation". Any other time I moved into a new home it was empty--- not so at Pickford. Won't you c
ome along with me for a tour of the "Before" Pictures?

First Stop: The Living Room
Comes complete with a TV and lamp and an odd color somewhere between maroon and brown and purple-- an apparent ode to the LA Lakers because there are pennants up there too!

And remnants of what had to be many many shelves full of audio visual equipment mounted to the walls

You can see the continuation of the ode to the Lakers with the Gold Ceilings. Nice touch.
And they left a very nice pool table which we hope to return to th
em mostly because it makes us very sad to think of them losing their house and also because, unless you are a sports fiend, it is just too darned big and takes up the entire living room.

Stay turned, sports fans, for further adventures of

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JC said...

I'm glad you got your house

I'm at the beach enjoying my B Day ..

I'll need more details about your new house ... email me ...