Monday, August 24, 2009

Ode to Pot: A Haiku

In doctor's office
Gives me too much time to think
Time to write haiku!

Cleaning out cupboards
Purging of my possessions

What stays? What goes?

See this lonely Pot
Received as a wedding gift
Outlasted marriage

Sad to let it go
A longtime cooking partner
Is missing handle

Really need handle
For a heavy cooking Pot
Else many burned hands

People laugh at me
"Just buy a new Pot" they say
They don't understand

Pot has character
Seen history of family
Comings & Goings

Happy for new house
But it is still a turning point
Little bittersweet

Loy house was a sign
That I was a whole person
Not broken woman

Now for Monica
Restoring of her value
Symbol of new life!

Change is sometimes hard
Even when it is great change!
Maybe it's just me!

Say goodbye to Pot
Time to move along in life
Maybe get new Pot

Haiku distraction
Kept my mind off surgery
Feeling very Zen

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