Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Mutt & Jeff

Mutt and Jeff

(mut uhn jef)

noun: A pair of people having dramatically different characteristics, such as height. (Just in case you thought I made this saying up)

My daughter, Lauren & my oldest niece, Ashlie. A little over a year apart in age (Lauren being older) and as different as night and day.
Ying and Yang.

Mutt and Jeff......
Lauren Dark haire
d and tiny as a little girl--- Ashlie blonde and a bit of a chunk as a baby. Lauren: Dramatic and Diva-like from birth Ashlie: Thoughtful and Serious. As a baby would give you this "You bore me" look. I would say to my sister "I think Ashlie hates me" But now, I know I am her favorite Aunt.
Seriously I am.
Their favorite thing to do when they were little was to play dress up. We scoured the thrift shops for outfits which they wore until they fell apart. And often they were each other's dance partners-- though I am sure Lauren always led. Even now she leads. Ashlie following often out of sheer survival instincts as Hurricane Lauren passes through.

Ashlie was complaining to me tonight that I don't blog about her. Of course Lauren chimed in that I don't blog about her either. Silly, silly girls. Do you really WANT to draw that kind of attention to yourselves? Think of all the secrets I could tell.
When my eyes roll back in my head and I appear to pass out because your will NOT STOP SAYING "PIG FART" over and over again-- do you really think I am not listening and making mental notes? When you endlessly quote from the Very Harry Potter Musical-- do you think I don't hear you just because I have mentally attempted to escape to my happy place?
Do you think I learned how to sing along in German to the Tokio Hotel songs because I WANTED TO? No-- it was to survive the car trips without driving us into a tree.
This is an amazing representation of the classic "Speak no evil, Hear no evil, See no evil" though my youngest niece, Rebecca looks more like she is doing a 'Home Alone' impression. She is little. I still have lots of time to work on her (heh). And we will soon be living under the same roof. (Run, Rebecca.... ruuuunnnnn!!!)

And Who Can Forget my classic blog Ice Age 5: How Teenagers Killed the Dinosaurs
Click HERE if you did forget

Because sometimes I do wonder "Will I live through the teenaged years? Will I have any brain left at all? Will there be enough psychotropic drugs to see me through???"

And then I see them together, bonded together since the day Ashlie was born. Close as sisters. Watching each other's backs. Comforting each other in hard times. Chatting for hours. Staying up all night to watch scary movies....

And I think to myself.........


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critterlover said...

well, having 'survived' (and I use that term loosely) the teen years... I have to say:
"Will I live through the teenaged years?"
Yes, most assuredly

"Will I have any brain left at all?"
Not likely

"Will there be enough psychotropic drugs to see me through???"
My sources say NO.