Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Missing Stove

Geeezers, Geeezers, Geeezers...
Many of you are up in arms about my missing stove and seem unable to figure out how to express your outrage via posting comments on my blog. I feel your pain!
#1-- keep trying to figure out how to post. You are smart people. You must be-- you love my blog! That proves you are an exceptional human being!
#2-- Foreclosures are 'as is' type situations. There is no walk thru. We did a home inspection but that was just so we would know if there were any problems (there weren't) but not to use as a negotiating tool. The fact that the stove is gone is an SOL situation for us. It is okay. We got this for such a ridiculous price you just can't feel badly about things like that. So it is okay. We picked out our new stove already. It has a window in the front and.... brace yourselves.... closed burners. Oh Glory!!! HOW COOL IS THAT?????
I can't wait to break it in!!!
So we signed the papers last night and will be getting keys on Wednesday!
We are almost there. It is so exciting!!

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