Thursday, June 25, 2009

Summer School Dropout

I hadn't planned on breaking the news like this or even really mentioning it, but my office mate Claudia told me that if I am going to post the good stuff I have to post the low stuff too.
You guys don't really want to know the unfunny side of me, do you?

So yesterday I realized I was overwhelmed and one of the big things I could let go of was my online English class. Since it was an 18 week class compressed into 8 weeks it was twice the work and the online format was difficult to navigate. Also the reading was dark and depressing and there was a lot of group work which is hard to manage online. Today was the last day to drop and not have it show up on my transcript, so I decided to pull the plug.
Then I spent the rest of the day beating myself up for being a loser and being irritated with myself. Some of you know I have been battling The Monster and I am pretty tired.

And still I am blessed with things I know. I know that my family and friends love me even when I am not perfect (and even when I have to ask them just to be completely sure). I know that God has a plan for my life and though I often wonder what He is doing I trust Him and know that I am his cherished child and He has covered me with His wings and snuggled me in close.

So I guess I can re-take that class another time (for the full semester and forget online!) and the world will keep turning. And I can be grateful for all the things in my life that are good and right and there are many! And I can love on those around me and let them love on me too.
And that is pretty okay after all, isn't it?


JC said...

I dropped accounting in college. Took during Summer school and got an A.

It's what ya do ...

Not to worry ...

critterlover said...

There is no need to be beating yourself up for taking care of yourself toots. You do SO much! I'm always tired just reading it! Cut yourself some slack sweets.

Anonymous said...

I dropped more classes than I completed and look at me now (that probably wasn't as inspirational as I intended). But Claudia is right, we love you when you're funny because it comes so naturally, and we love you when you're a total bummer -- 'cuz that's a natural part of you too. But hey, it's Friday!