Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Magic Mtn

Raise your hand if you like Magic Mountain! Crazy rollercoasters? I see those hands. It would make sense, then, that you might purchase a season pass to Magic Mountain. Can someone please explain to me, therefore, why I have one? Oh, of course... because SOMEONE has to drive over there. We broke in our passes a couple of Saturdays ago. It was Scooter's 14th birthday weekend so first we went to IHOP for breakfast. The older kids went off on their own to ride all the coasters that make me feel sick just watching from afar. The youngers and the old ladies stuck together. They are still pretty brave though and went on some big coasters. First my niece seriously asked every ride operator if it was safe. They always said it was. Filthy Lying Ride Operators! I worked at that park back in 1979 (yeah, I was working from the womb) and I know what those ride operators do after their shifts are over! I was there the year they used employees to test ride the coasters. I don't do coasters! But I can watch backpacks and read books! Oh yes I can! And I can watch the Carousel and think to myself about how all those pretty little horses bobbing up and down all the while chasing their own tails in a never ending circle is a metaphor for life. Life is full of ups and downs, and more ups and downs. Ack... who am I kidding.... lol!!! It is a Merry Go Round for crying out loud. Geeez LeAnn MUST YOU ALWAYS TRY TO FIND THE DEEPER MEANING! Hehe (why yes, I do!)


JC said...

I used to go to the state fair and loved going on the rides. Nothing like a magic mt but still .. it was fun.

Now, the rides are crazy and no I do not go on them. Last time I went to a park was D land with my kids when they were in Jr High. They mostly went on the rides together. I held things and watched.

And, life is all about a horse and how it follows you around ...

You are a Silly Siamese ..

Anonymous said...

[raising hand] We have season passes to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, but we also get in free at Magic Mountain. Whoo hoo! I'm more for the reading and backpack watching though. Scooter looks so tall for 14!

GeeezLoueez said...

JC~ I think I am the least daring person I know. And I am proud to be a Silly Siamese, as I know you also are!

Wayne~ You should come down here and let Kody ride the scary rides with Lauren and we can watch the horses go up and down and discuss existentialism together, lol!
Scooter is doing that growth spurt thing. He has grown about 6" in the last 3-4 months. And his voice changed too. Crazy!