Tuesday, October 15, 2013

My Name is Parker And I Am A..............

My name is Parker
I am a Pacifer Hoarder
But I call them Fuh Fuhs because...
well I don't know why-- we just do
Sometimes when I take a nap I feel a need
to gather as many as I can find and keep
them near me.....  I suspect someone hides them
I think it is the cat, Figaro.
We all know Figaro has a CatNip problem
and he may be selling my fuh fuhs for The Nip
Sometimes after a long morning of playing with
my toys and chewing on stuff I just am SO TIRED
I sometimes hit the Baba kinda hard too
A Note About Fuh Fuhs:
Sometimes I wish they had them for adults.
Because I would totally use them.
Another note about Fuh Fuhs:
I believe that there is a conspiracy between the Hospital around here and the pacifier company because they only use these dang green ones that are expensive.  They get the babies hooked on them directly from the birth canal and then the parents are forced to buy ONLY THAT ONE KIND!! 

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ltlrags said...

He is just too stinking cute, and you are just too stinking funny... I don't know why.