Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Did you notice a complete lack of narrative on that last blog post?  The one about the Hawaiian diapers?
That is because it was an accident.  I did not mean to publish that and actually did not even know it posted until the other day.
That, my friends, was an inadvertent Blog Post.
Kinda like a buttdail.
Or, my own invention--- the PhonePhart.
The PhonePhart is what most people call an autocorrect that goes all wrong.
I hate it when that happens.   Well I hate it when it happens to ME--- I LOVE it when it happens to someone else!

Back to the diapers.
I am baffled at the existence of things like this.  Why is there a market for fancy diapers.  Right now the package I am using at home has Sesame Street characters on them, we did not buy the Hawaiian diapers.   I am not entertained by pictures on the diapers.  They just get taken off and replaced as quickly as possible.  Why do the diaper companies think we need to be entertained by diapers?  Does it make is less stinky?  It has to be for the changER because the changEE can't see the pictures.
What is this world coming to??
On the other hand.......
I just realized that I actually DO KNOW what the picture on my baby's diaper is.
So maybe I do feel entertained.

I need to think about this some more.... where is my blankie?

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Anonymous said...

I specifically like the denim diapers. as if it makes it okay for you to let your baby run around unclothed or unbottomed because it "looks" like they are dressed.