Friday, August 17, 2012

Somewhere in the desert.....

Sorry to be out of touch this week, peeps.  Got a lot going on.  I was very busy getting work done and my life together so I could take a vacation (first one in 5 years) but life interrupted and my dad had a heart attack yesterday and is in ICU so I am putting my trip on hold.  Luckily I had bought travel insurance so I will get a refund, albeit **** in JetBlue points so I guess that will force me to take the trip another time....
Enough whining.
Well enough whining about that.... because as if yesterday wasn't sufficiently crappy... my car got broken into last night. 
My car, Lola, has alarm issues.
I have no one to blame but myself and my bad habits which-- as they relate to her only because there isn't enough space on this blog to list all my bad habits-- include bracing my leg against the car door when I drive and slamming the seat belt in the door.  Therefore, Lola's sensor has become unable to make a consistant connection.  So she flashes her 'door open' light at me most of the time and when I lock the doors and set the alarm many times she starts screaming.  Usually this happens when I am either all the way across the parking lot or in my driveway between 1-3:00am.  I had her checked just this week and the dealership told me there was nothing they could do for her.  They said to take her to a body shop and see if they can smooth out the mess I have made of the door.  Those are not his exact words but you get the gist.  He had a very sincere look on his face which I am sure was masking a snicker of disgust that I had managed to damage my car that way.
Meanwhile I have to leave it unlocked and unalarmed.   Which is what I did last night.  Apparently this is comparative to affixing a huge neon light that says OVER HERE to the neighborhood punks.  
So this morning when I dragged my sleep deprived half awake (which is generous because I was working on more like 36% brain power) I noticed as I walked up that there was something sticking out of the back door.  And I didn't remember leaving something sticking out of the back door.  BECAUSE I DIDN'T.  Pickford Punk did.  (See... I live on Pickford Ave and this person is a punk, get it?)  Then I noticed that the inside of my car looked like a tornado had gone through it as everything was out of every nook and cranny and thrown around.  Luckily for them, because I like to be a good hostess for my guests, I had moved a lot of stuff from my truck into the backseat to accomodate my mom's wheelchair.  Therefore they had quick and easy access to more of my good stuff.  First off--- gone is my survival pack which is a fancy way of saying my really good first aid kit, water, food, thermal blanket and other stuff in a backpack.  Gone is my gym bag and with it my good pair of workout shoes and my bathing suit.  Somewhere tonight I know that there is a pack of punks dancing around a campfire and one of them is wearing my swimsuit and pretending to be a manatee.  They got my collection of 1980's Christian music including my Amy Grant collection.  Yeah.  Take that you punks.  But thank you for leaving my Bible and I hope you felt really guilty--- because JESUS SAW WHAT YOU DID!!   You took my crossword puzzle book.  Well, the joke is on you because it was mostly used up---- IN PEN!    You missed my secret stash of money because you thought I actually had a vitamin bottle in my glove box.  HA!
But the worst is..... They took GPSIE.  My navigation deal thing whatever.  I loved GPSIE.  We have traveled so much together.  Sure, she was a nag.  She didn't understand that I am always going to take the 210 freeway even if it is closer to go over Angeles Crest Highway.  And that you really can take the 210 to most spots in the LA basin because I hate going near Boyle Heights.  I will never forget how she would sigh and announce that she was re-calculating.  She helped me find Starbucks when I needed one.  Or the Babies R Us store in Oxnard last weekend.  I am sad today.   
Yet, I wonder......    Can't she just hit her own GO HOME key?
I picture Homeward Bound.............

GPSIE:  "Please.... PLEASE DRIVE TO HIGHLIGHTED ROUTE." she coaxes her exhausted companions and fellow escapees.

Will they get home?
Will they get lost in the desert only to become dinner for some hungry vultures and face it, those would have to be some seriously hungry vultures. 
Tune in next time for the answers to these questions and others such as:
"To get to the other side"
And Finally "yes sometimes"

For you nerds and elementary school teachers (which is pretty much everyone) I put before you the Vocabulary Challenge.
If you leave a comment on this post using the vocabulary word and enough of you participate I will do a monthly Starbucks GC drawing for participants.  The more times you enter the better your chances.   GO FORTH AND COMPETE!



 conjunction \l-ˈbē-ət, al-\

Definition of ALBEIT

: conceding the fact that : even though : although


Anonymous said...

albeit tired
I will post a comment here
anyhow, to win

haiku should score double points
pretty please LeAnn

one syllable or
is tired two syllables
I really dont know

but four stanzas of
vocabulary haiku
very impressive


ltlrags said...

Those are some seriously disappointed punks! Nope, no "albeit" comment.

JC said...

Wow I go away for a few days and all of this happens to you.

I too came home to hearing that the local bad boys had been in my neighborhood.

Albeit they did not get into my car, my d did see them at the end of our driveway around two am.

Our dogs started to bark and I think that made them go to my next door neighbors car instead.

Must have been national break into cars night. I'd say day but it was between midnight and two am.

Sorry to hear about your Dad. I do hope he improve. Albeit with his age, it might be a problem.

Thinking of you while enjoying my first cup of coffee in my Eeyore cup of course,