Saturday, December 17, 2011


You guys don't even know the trouble I have been having with my blog and my yahoo accounts!  I have not been able to get the password right and have reset and stuff so many times I don't even know how I finally managed to post here!
So I better make this count, right?

It is the Christmas season.
Which is typically not my favorite season.  It used to be when the kids were little. 
But now that they are grown and I am so OLD it is more annoying than anything else.

Understanding that I was bringing people down around me I decided that I had better pull my head out and just do the old "Fake It Till You Make It" thing!
So here we are!
No gift cards or money for the family this year.  No sir!  Everyone is getting actual gifts.  They may be strange gifts but there will be things to wrap and put under the tree.  I cant reveal too much because I don't know who all reads this but here are a few things.  My son and daughter in law wanted a parakeet for Christmas so my sister and I went in and got all the accouterments (SEE TODAY'S SPECIAL WORD)  This is gonna be one spoiled parakeet.  It has a giant cage and it has so many toys and food cups and ladders and mirrors and bells and a little bathtub that now we are wondering if the bird will be able to move.  We can't wait to get the bird (HA).  For my feline gang (Boris, Chanel, Yvette, Jinx, O'Malley, Mush, Layla and Figaro)(Yes I do have 8 cats-- SO WHAT?) I bought two suet cakes with hangers to go outside where they can sit in our beautiful new garden window and watch Birdie TV. 
Everyone in the family has reindeer antlers on their car.  Yes really.  Even my parents.  We will be getting some pictures done soon.
This year Christmas dinner will be a free for all with a special request dish from everyone.  This means that so far we are having Turkey, Beef, Ham, mashed potatoes with broccoli, cabbage rolls, yams, fried corn and sushi.
If we are really lucky we might even have my sisters very special chocolate cream pie.  Have I ever told you about this?
One year she had everyone over to her house from both our and her (at the time but thank you God not now) husbands sides.  So this is many people.  She decided to make chocolate pie so she got a Ready Crust and put chocolate pudding in it.  She was pretty proud of herself so she told me.  At this point, to save her embarrassment (then, not now.  Now she enjoys it when I embarrass her) I had to tell her that you must bake the crust first.  That is right--- raw dough crust with chocolate pudding.
Last Saturday my son and daughter in law hosted what was a truly wonderful perfect day.  It started with Jericho's Swedish Pancakes followed by hours of pie making, candy making and cookie making.  Then we had Brandon's special from scratch pizza,  then more baking and cooking.  We told silly family stories and played Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon.  Then we had Brandon's special amazing stew.  Then we all went to the Christmas on the Blvd which was amazing.  Our little city has been trying to turn our main street into a walking wonderland of shopping and museums and theaters etc for my whole life and they have finally succeeded.  We have a first rate Boulevard that rivals anything in Southern California and I am so proud.  I know we have arrived because people are bringing their dogs and eating at sidewalk bistros.  That is a sure sign.  So we walked up and down (after parking a mile away) and saw Real Live Reindeer even!  Then it was decided that the fake tree we had in our house was unacceptable and so we went out and bought a Real Tree.
A perfect day.
Today my son is making Grandpa Cookies--- some of you are familiar with these.  I will post about this later.
So.... I will persevere and make this a Happy Holiday!
And hope you all will too!


[uh-koo-ter-muhnt, -truh-] Show IPA
personal clothing, accessories, etc.
the equipment, excluding weapons and clothing, of a soldier.


JC said...

Happy Holidays !!!

We just got our tree this morning. Lights are on it. I'm taking a break from putting the ornaments on it.

The Holidays aren't my favorite due to my H and his family. Thirty years of them ruining my Eve or Day.

Not this year though, I'm doing my own thing.

By the way, I heard that I got my collie girl (about ten minutes ago.

I'm all about making the Season about giving and music and the details.

We are also getting a family to give to .. DD is working on that one.

Ho Ho Ho

ltlrags said...

Roboform. Never lose a password again. And I can't wait to see what you got me!!!!!