Thursday, December 1, 2011

My New College Plans

I know that some of you have been on pins and needles-- tossing and turning at night--  wondering what is Geeez going to do next in her college career???
It is a good question-  a valid question- and one I have also spent many sleepless nights exploring.
Here I am finally one final exam away from being done with all the classes I need to transfer as a junior to a university.  Just one more anthropology test and then I can apply to Cal State Bakersfield and advance toward my BS in Business.
I can hardly believe I made it.  It was such a big goal just a few years ago when I needed 30 units.  But I plodded along and here I am.
And now that I am here I don't think I have arrived at the right place
If I move on to CSUB I will have all my upper division classes to do.  And if I can't do them online I may have to travel to Bakersfield (OMG).  Community college is expensive enough ($39.00 a unit plus books) but university level prices----- quite a lot more!   (insert understatement here) And at the rate I am able to go it could take another 5 years which would put me at---- you might want to sit down for this-- 55 damn years old.  SENIOR DISCOUNT AGE!!!  At which point I would have to start paying off student loans get a better job etc....

So I have done a lot of researching lately and I have discovered some stuff.  There is something called a Certified Payroll Specialist and you must be licensed to be one.  I could do that.  There is something at my handy dandy (oh so cheap and comfortable) community college (GO Antelope Valley College Marauders!!) called a Professional Bookkeeper Certificate as well as an Associates Degree in Professional Bookkeeping.  I can even get 8 units of work experience just for going to work every day.  So, my focus has shifted peoples.  It may not be a BS but they are achievable with a low cost.  They are something different to do (which is always important to me so I stay off the streets and out of jail) and I was able to register for 2 classes last night.  TWO classes!  If you know the community college system these days you know that this is almost unheard of if you are toward the back of the priority registration grouping.

So, I should be done with school for the semester Saturday afternoon.  I was worried that I might not get an "A" in Anthropology until I checked it out and discovered that the grades are weighted in my favor (because my exams have all been 'A's but my papers have been 'B's) as exams are worth 70% of the grade with 30% going to papers.
I tell you this not to brag (that will come later no doubt) but so you can all get out there and figure out what you are going to get me for my Good Girl Grade Awards.

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critterlover said...

WHOOHOO for you! You are one awesome chick! Brava!