Friday, August 5, 2011

Something Else You Didn't Know About Me

Since I am a exceedingly humble person it is possible that very few
of you know an especially facinating fact about me: 
I am a published author!

You may not know that many years ago Betty White was not the ultra-hip chick that she is today.  If you go back aways.... further.... FURTHER.........waaaay backkk further to say 1970 she was known to be a bit of an animal nut.  A true animal activist before PETA was a household name.  And she published a book about animals.

In 1970 I was an egg in my mother's ovary but since I was a child prodigy I was also in elementary school.  I had a teacher named Mrs. Pyner who was a tad  strange   odd  wack-a-doo  eccentric. 

She wore all pink all the time. 

She was ancient and had wrinkley skin and she always wore bright pink lipstick.
(Picture the lady who owned the dog in There's Something About Mary)

Anyhow.... Mrs Pyner encouraged her most promising students to submit items
to Betty White to be featured in her book.

Guess who had written a non-fictional account of her encounter with a Real Unicorn?

No, NOT ME!!   OMG!!  Probably some schizophrenic because.....
HELLO?  Unicorns are not real.
I do not know about Rainbow and her magical unicorn who could kumquat gold coins but I do know of 'someone' who wrote a deeply touching haiku about a deer.

That is right

Thank you..... thank you......  Really please sit down you are starting to embarrass me a little......  Really.... thank you......

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ltlrags said...

You seem to have forgotten something. And now, ladies and gentlemen, the haiku...