Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Snail Cruise

Today my youngest neice turns the big 1-2.
Before her brothers went back home to Utah (cough*UTARDS*cough) we went to lunch to celebrate early.  Becca picked Red Lobster.  I didn't really think anything of it.  Sure, she hates fish but she likes shrimp so it made sense.
We get to Red Lobster and she orders chicken.
Chicken at Red Lobster 
Personally I am nomming down on a sad little salad and some brocoli.
And none of the lovely biscuits.....  or my favorite salmon.......
Well, Becca's chicken dinner had a side of crab legs, the sight of which inspires her to instruct her brother to GET THAT OFF MY PLATE!!!
She can't STAND the smell of fish.
She who could have chosen any restaurant.
My nephews are flabbergasted by this!  And their mom comes to her defense reminding them that when they all went on a cruise she ate snails but didn't like them

This prompted my favorite quote of the day

"But mom, when you picked a cruise you didn't pick a SNAIL cruise"

Touche, Scooter.  Touche!!

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