Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sam Has a Spa Day

My faithful canine friend
Who, as many others in my household, has a few 'issues'
He does not enjoy going to the groomers
The last three times I have had to pick him up before they were done
 and had not gotten to his nails
So yesterday I took him in for a mani-pedi.
His nails were in bad shape.  They were very very long and he was
hurting himself when he scratched.

First I gave him some Doggie Downers to put him into a Zen-like state being
One for Sam, one for me.  One for Sam, one for me......
Sam was hammered.
He was all like "I CAN'T FEEL MY FACE"

We got to the spa and there were many decisions to be made.
The Vietnamese ladies swarmed around him!

"You like Animal!!!  You need wax!!  I will not hurt you-- PROMISE"
"You want gels or tips?  You want callous removal?  You want sea salt?"

"Pick a Color!  Pick a COLOR!!"

Sam originally thought about getting french tips because when they
grow out you they still look okay for awhile but eventually he picked a lovely
 shade of green that really brought out the color of his
eyes, and made the pink portion of his nose really POP!

" You want small flower??"

Eventually he was finished, and we went home.
 " DUDE I can't wait to get home and drink from the toilet!!"

Much thanks to some wonderful friends who helped me with my neurotic dog. 
Who shed blood once again and got sprayed by a part of Sam that no
should ever even know exists.  Yet the smell still lingers many hours later...


Carol S. said...

Sooo funny....especially since I just went to the Zsa Zsa of Nail Salons the other day (before the reunion).

JC said...

You are so silly !!!
I had Maddy Jean's toes trimmed last week but she still needs to get a bubble. She's always rolling in the bark in the back yard and digging holes. She's almost eight but acts like she's a puppy.