Friday, August 26, 2011

Words Hurt

Today someone made several very disparaging remarks about my family.
He called us all FAT people who are eating ourselves to death because we are
And that there is something wrong with my sister and I because we live together.
These are statements made in order to cause hurt and anger.
Intended to wound
The Bible says to turn the other cheek.
And my Mother always said "Never buy sheets in a strange town"
(but no one knows what that is supposed to mean so who knows if it even applies)
This person has caused a lot of pain in the past and is likely to keep it up

And that is sad

Today he makes me want to say bad words.
Many bad words

And I prayed "Lord, may I use bad words?  Just this once?"
And though a shaft of light did not descend upon me, nor a lightning bolt zap me
I didn't want to lower myself to his level
I decided to use my creative talents to express myself

And so.....  I dedicate this to "He Who Shall Not Be Named"

There once was the Ex of my Sis
Who was never too shy to her dis
Though his opinions were noted
They were always out voted
And I give my fat butt for his kiss

How is that for Turning The Other Cheek???


JC said...

I hope that made you feel better. What an absolute jerk your sis was married to.

ltlrags said...

I've never known much about him, but this is pretty despicable. Who would hurt someone like that?

critterlover said...

Good for you, taking it out creatively.
I find people like that lash out because they hurt and they are unhappy with themselves. So, let him live his life miserable if he chooses, you and your sis are wonderful.