Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Independence Day USA!

So far today I have celebrated by going to work for most of the day and then came home to sit in front of our evaporative cooler.    It is hot here kiddos.
I don't know how hot, but well into triple digits because that is how we roll here in the Mojave Desert.
But at least it is a dry heat, right? 
Today we have yucky clouds and humidity-- this means my evaporative cooler is not really working  very well.  If you are not familiar with said device please allow me to educate you.
An evaporative cooler works by having air flow through pads that are soaked in water.  Through evaporation this causes the air to be cold.  It is just that simple.  But it only works in a very dry climate, which we usually are--- BUT NOT TODAY!!!!!!!!
So I am a tad bit whiney.  And the cats and I are sitting in front of the unit and our hair/fur is blowing in the breeze and standing straight up.  Yeah, you wish I took a picture!!!
I feel a little ashamed for whining like this, but you asked so it is your fault.
On another subject which actually pains me to talk about....
Some friends of mine from my small group at church got into a horrible motorcycle accident a few days ago and one of them did not live.   The other is in intensive care even now.  She has lost part of her leg.  This stretch of road is famous for idiot people trying to pass and causing accidents and this is what happened here.  The world has lost a truly great guy who was always funny and laughing and eager to help.  They are one of the couples in my small group whose relationship made me a little envious on occasion.  Let me side note here to exlain that at my church, after the main service, we have the option of being a part of a small group of 10-25 people for the purposes of encouraging one another and serving one another and having fun together.  I have an awesome group.  You really should be jealous and if you are a local you might consider joining us.  Anyhow, this accident is a great tragedy and though I am quite certain that Ron is with His Lord and is actually better off than we, it is still a very sad time.  I am struck with the thought, as I always am when these things happen, of what it must have been like for Ron to close his eyes on that road and open them to the majesty of God and Heaven.  I believe with all my heart that this was a joyous occasion for him.  I pray that when this moment occurs for all of you that you will also experience this joy.  And if you are so inclined, please pray for Karen as she recovers physically and emotionally.  I know losing Ron is going to be a very very hard loss for her and their family and all their friends.

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