Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Bummed Man

Tonight I am seriously bummed.
This has been a sucky week at work and we are only half through it.
But I don't talk about work on my blog so you will have to use your imagination.
Trust me, it is yucky.

And I am one seriously confused college student
Mistake #1:  I forgot to note when registration was for Cerro Cosa college.  This has resulted in my inability to pick up Anthropology online for the Fall semester.  I am on the waitlist.   AVC does not offer Anthro online so that means maybe I get catch it on campus.
Which would mean hours on hours on hours of listening to someone who will belittle my faith (I believe because he is insecure because deeeep down he knows that science just does not explain everything) and try to make me feel stupid for believing in Intelligent Design.  I can deal with this online (Philosophy proved that) but face to face?  I don't know.  It doesn't sound fun to work all day (See "Yucky Work" reference above) and then sit through a class.
Today I realized that I need yet another class.   And I know the minute I screwed this up too!  Back in winter of 2009 I was registered for 2 day classes when it became apparent I was not going to be able to get away from work to go to them.  One of these was Managerial Accounting.  I did not erase the entry on my College Courses To Take Before I Become An University Student spreadsheet and just today realized I never took that course.
So I have to re-think the whole semester.

Meanwhile--- I am not truly sure I am on the right track anymore and I am struggling to sort it all out. 
Once I move on to University I will have to take out student loans or get grants or something.  Who knows how many years it would take to finish my BS.  Then I am HOW OLD with HOW MUCH DEBT??  Does that make sense????  WHAT SHOULD I DO?????

My brain is just tired.  Are you tired?
(Can I get an Amen)
And I am discombobulated!
And I don't know whhheeerrrrre I fit in
(Uh huh-- tell it sista)
And work sucks-- but I am still grateful for it!
And I am having one of them times when you look at the whole biiiiig picture and you feel old OLD OLD and you wonder
Did I just blow it?  Is it too late?

Do leave me a message.  A word of wisdom.
Are you out there friends?


JC said...

Good Morning !!!

I do not know what to tell you except that I think the class would be very interesting. Sorry it would bother you to hear the science part. I would just take it to learn about things.

The cost ... well, that's another thing. How did you have that all planned out ? Could you go to a smaller less expensive school ?

Could you get a degree from the school you've been going to ?

And, work .. I can't remember one place that I worked that wasn't terrible. I hope it improves for you.

Sorry I don't have any good things to say except to not give up on yourself .. ever.

And that is my coffee advice for this sort of nice Thursday morning.

Anonymous said...

just remember what dear abby always used to say: how old will you be in five years if you dont go back to school? and how old will you be in five years if you do?

you can do it!
love ya,