Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Magpie 61: On Stage

I don’t even like wine

This glass is more of a prop really. Something to do with my hands

It fits that I have a prop since I am more of an actress on a stage

Playing the part, however badly, of the middle aged ingénue on a first date

Lipstick on the stemware- better there than my teeth I suppose

He is chatting away about something and I have an interested, engaged look on my face

I hope so anyhow

But I have no idea what he is talking about

I am busy playing the part

How will he ever know who I am?

Do I want him to know who I am?

I hope I never see him again

I hope he calls

I don’t even like wine

Note to all my minions:  I know I have been awfully serious lately and you are probably wishing I would get back to the silly stuff.  It is this philosophy class has me living up in my own head so much of the time it is hard to shift gears.  But I am in week 12 of 16 so I will be out soon enough.
Hang in there.  Join me up in my head for awhile longer.  It could be worse you know-- this week I have an eight pager due on explaining my reality.  Yikes is right!


JC said...

I like the way you think ... did you see what I wrote ?

Helen said...

I love this ... how many of us have walked in those shoes? Smiled those fake smiles, drank wine when we didn't want to .. and for what?

Marilyn said...

This is a very well written brilliant piece. So true to life for many.

Isabel Doyle said...

oh dear - tip the wine in his lap and go home and read philosophy!

nice poem in spite of the date

Donna B said...

I remember those days or is it daze?

ltlrags said...

I love your Magpie work.

Trellissimo said...

Sounds like you plastered a smile on your face, rather than getting plastered! LOL

Promising Poets Parking Lot said...

honest words.
lovely done.

Invite you to join poets rally week 42 by sharing a free verse today.

You will love the encouragements you get once you are in and make commitment.

Your poetry rocks!

awards for you!

Hope to see you in!
Have A Blessed Easter!