Thursday, April 14, 2011

And The Adventure Comes To An End

I awoke Saturday morning at 6:00am.  That really sucked!  Could not go back to sleep and so I went down to the library with a cup of tea and read my philosphy book.  Here is what it looked like: Kaksd fjwi ssi w4cnso soeitals. And so I got all snuggled up and dozed and thought about life etc.....
A side note:  I was treated to jungle sounds all night and morning and remembered I had heard of such a thing  as this quote:
Pasadena has a large, non-indigenous population of naturalized parrots. According to the "Parrot Project of Los Angeles", the parrots are of at least five species.Residents have come to enjoy the birds as part of their unique city's culture, and like other SoCal residents they have become "local icons" to the citizens there.Many theories surround the mystery of how the parrots landed in Pasadena and claimed the area as their own. A widely accepted story is that they were part of the stock that were set free for their survival from the large pet emporium at Simpson's Garden Town on East Colorado Boulevard, which burned down in 1959

So this was not another symptom of my brain crazies.
I went to breakfast where I put on my very best manners and made nice with the other grown ups.  There were two different couples from San Diego and a trio from Ireland. And me from the Antelope Valley (THUD)  I did my best to make us sound amazing and facinating mostly centering around the aerospace industry so I talked F-18s with the guy. 
Then I packed up and headed for the Huntington Library where I took many lovely pictures that I will share with you later.  I did not get to see the art gallery that I wanted to because some idiot film crew was filming something.  I will have to go back!!
It was noonish.  Way too early to go home where I would be tempted to work so I commanded Gpsie and Lola to take me to the Mall (Paseo Colorado).   I decided to see Source Code at the Arclight theater which was a trip.  Upscale theater, you know!  Had an attendant in the theater to make sure everyone behaved so that was nice.  After the movie-- which further stimulated my thoughts on time travel (per se) and pre-determination etc.... I went shopping!  I went to Brighton (one of my favorite fantasy stores because I can't afford it) and Sephora where I actually bought something and felt very superior to my normal every day self. 
And that was about it.  I headed for home.
I had a lovely spring break!


JC said...

At the Inn in Sedona, the first morning we talked to someone from Chicago. The next morning, while getting my coffee at 6 am, I talked to someone from Chicago. At breakfast later that morning .. 8-9 am, I sat at a table that only had one couple, being the nice cat lady that I am, there was a reason they were alone. They were from Switzerland. That was a fun conversation .. not ... the breakfast were fantastic though. Having someone cook for you and serve you ... way too much fun !!!

JC said...

I forgot to say, that I talked to three different groups, all from Chicago. One was from DC though. All said they were getting away from the Snow.