Friday, April 8, 2011

An Adventure!

Hello dear ones!
I know you have been woefully neglected, what with my 55 hour work weeks and the 2 college classes and choir and all.... but do you know what this week is?
Woooooo Hoooooo
Sadly, by company does not offer paid spring break and I am, as you all know, indispensible there and so I wondered..... what shall I do?
I cannot take days and days off to go run amok.  Plus only one of my colleges has spring break this week (remember I am bi-collegiate) but it does mean I have a Class Free Saturday tomorrow.  The only one all semester.   So, I still have tons of homework in my other class.  And I still have tons of work work at work.
What to do?????
I shall do something radical.  I will take Saturday off to play!
I will have to go with Quality over quanity.
And so I went a googling. 
I thought about the beach-- my 'go-to'.
Then I realized it is spring and I had better go to the gardens and get my photography on.
I decided on Huntington library in San Marino because it has gardens and an art museum. 
Then I decided to spend the night down there!
And so I went a-googling again and found a website for a lovely Bed & Breakfast--- The Bissell House.  You can click on that and go to their website.
It is lovely.
It is tranquil.
It is comfy
Ahhhhhhh   I believe I shall take a little cat nap.
I will get back to you later!!

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ltlrags said...

JEALOUS! I love the Huntington, especially the gardens. And that looks like a killer bnb. I've never stayed at a bnb before. Pamper yourself!