Saturday, February 19, 2011

It Had A Party

Stacey Is SUCH a Nerd!!
(She is eating Nerd Candy)
(She was like MOM TAKE MY PICTURE)
 So we packed up The Cake and took it too The Party at Lauren's dads house in Alta Dena.  They are remodeling so this is their living room-- poor guys have been constructing for 2 years now!  Anyhow they had set up Karaoke and food and it was a lot of fun!  I feel really blessed to be able to enjoy time with my ex and our kids.
Lauren and Her New Juicy Coutre Bag

Lauren and Rebecca Do Cousin Karaoke

Lauren's B-Day Cake
Both my kids were born in February.  Brandon turned 26 on the 4th and Lauren turned 19 on the 14th.  It is awesome to have both birthdays so close after Christmas!  It gives me the whole rest of the year to recuperate financially!  Brandon is much less a social animal so he chose dinner with the family at the Claim Jumper.  We all shared the piece of cake. 
Brandon's Much Simpler Party
I am truly blessed with my children and my family and I thank God for them every day.  Okay that may be only partly true.  Most days I thank God and sometimes I ask Why God?   But I do love them every day so that is pretty awesome!

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JC said...

That seems like it was a grand party. My son is more like yours. He just likes to open cards (to see if there's any money) and go out for a good steak dinner. Other than that he's cool. Just likes to do what he wants on his b day. Course his b day is on the 27th, so he's always had it off. It'll be a real shock when he's working.

My D likes the cake and semi 'woo hoo it's the princesses birhtday' thing. I think it's a girl thing ...

By the way, my Dad's b day was/is on February 13th. I use to make him a heart cake every year. (He's been gone for 21 years. Past away a month after my d turned one.)

Enjoy your weekend. I'm in the midst of packing the moving van. Ok, I'm not .. I'm door person.

You're in Utah this weekend right ...