Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas At The Fenner Williamson Home

Modeling My New Headlamp
Close Your Eyes- It Is Blinding!
It is Perfect For Reading In Bed!!
Christmas Dinner
Ashlie & Scooter
(Monicas 1st & 2nd Kids)
(I know the formatting is really really bad but I gave up trying to fix it-- SORRY!!)
Santa Finally Found Our House
On The 29th of December!

My New Office Assistant, Figaro!

Ashlie's Boy Friend Getting A
Manicure.  Metro-Man!

Ashlie-- From Now On Please
Just Say NO To Getting Your
Eyes Dilated, You Doper!!
"OMG My Eyes Are BLACK!"
2010 Christmas Olympics Winners:
Scooter, Stacey and Zachary
This Is What My 45 Year Old
Sister Got For Herself!

Olympics:  Picture Scavanger Hunt
Flamingo Impression

Olympics:  Gift Wrap Relay
Olympics:  Gift Wrap Relay
From Back Left: Ashlie, Rebecca
Lauren *\(My DD) Back on Right
Scooter, Zachary, Stacey

Olympics:  Word Scramble

Olympics:  Coloring Contest

Neener Neener Neener BRIAN S.
My Sister Got Me My Own Headlamp!
Slumber Party In My Bed: Chanel,
Figaro and Malley!!

Christmas Dinner

Christmas At The Grown Up Table

Monica's Family Is Very Huggy

The Gang At BEX!! Monica Told Them
It Was Danny and Joey's B-Day!
Talk About Bad Parenting!

Monkey Slippers Hat!
Stacey is my Bonus Daughter
(Laurens Best Friend)


Kym said...

Lovin' the olympics!

JC said...

Looks like you had a wild time of it ...