Saturday, December 18, 2010

Requiem for My Modem

Alas, my friends, the Fenner-Williamson Household Modem has gone to the Big IT in the sky.

This is why my blog voice has been silent this past week.  Not that I ran out of ideas--- oh, no.  Not that I didn't care about you-- heavens no!  Not that I didn't take the time--  no because I tried in vain to use the poor dying modem not understanding how grave the situation truly was.
(You are being brought this message by the good folks at Panera.  Panera:  Where the coffee flows, the bagels rock and they have free WiFi and electric plugs.)
But last night it finally occurred to me that there might be something actually wrong with the equipment.
I sent for my own personal IT specialist and he came over and examined the patient thoroughly and pronounced it dead.
This has been a painful and frustrating time for the whole house.  I couldn't blog.  Lauren couldn't cyber stalk her favorite celebrity of the moment.  Becca couldn't dress up Justin Bieber in girls clothes with her friends.  And Monica couldn't...... couldn't..... face it.  A week without the internet would have gone un-noticed by my sister if it were not for the constant wailing and gnashing of teeth by the rest of us. 

Ironically, it falls to her today to go to the cable company and get us a new modem.
And then we shall entice our IT guy to come over to install a new one.
I plan to make some fudge and create a trail out my back door, through the yard, through the gate and into his back door.  This will bring him.  Hopefully I won't have to pull out the big guns, ie stories of 27 hours of labor, the fact that he didn't sleep through the night until he was 4 years old, multiple trips to the ER with bagel injuries etc.....

I would hate to have to show him my C-Section scar.

Desparate times demand desparate measures..........

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