Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Saturday Is Almost Here!

Here it is Wednesday already. Just another few days until Saturday arrives.
The Big Day.
Antelope Valley High School Class of 1980's 30th class reunion. It is appriopriate that this occurs during the Halloween season. It is sure that many people will be wearing masks of some kind. And it is certainly likely that this could be a Horror Story. Either way I expect to have some stories to tell.
Yesterday I got a great hair cut and color. I looked pretty danged okay if I do say so myself. If only I could re-create this style on Saturday but that probably won't happen. I do not know how stylists do it--- maybe it is the free set of hands at working on the back of my head. Maybe it is stylist magic that they perform for job security. Whatever it is, I can never make my hair look nearly so good as it does when someone else does it.
The shoes. Oh, my pretty edgy shoes. Too high a heel after all. I tottered around all night long at the funeral-- a test run as it was. A failure--- nay an EPIC failure. Not only did I totter but they hurt. Badly. And they made my slacks too short. And the next morning my feet still hurt and when I went down the stairs I tottered AND wobbled like I had ice skates on (this with bare feet mind you). My pretty new shoes were not going to cut it. I had to go out and get..... get.............
Nooooooo.......... It hurts my heart......
Is it possible that I am overthinking this? NO WAY!! Not possible!!!
Am I not practically guaranteed to find my
One True Love
at this event? Isn't that how it works in the movies? Someone will catch my eye from across the crowded room. We will move toward each other as if in a dream. It will be as if all those years fall away and we will Just Know......
Hey, it could happen.

I just realized!
I don't.... don't..... have......a........a.........a.....
(Insert scary foreshadowing music here)

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JC said...

Too funny

ltlrags said...

All that work! Phew. I'm so glad I'm a guy. I'm thinking of shining my old work shoes before I go, but I'm still debating. And if you end up leaving the party with another guy, I will totally understand. What about Victor Robertson. His picture is right under yours in the yearbook... I think it might be kizmit. Or maybe Timothy White. I didn't know him but he has the most perfect yearbook picture. Check him out and if you're interested I'll pass him a note during the reunion.

Anonymous said...

By my calendar, it is now Sunday, a day after the reunion, and I have still not heard about your night (or knight?). Hope you had a great reunion.