Saturday, September 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Grandma!

Let us all take a moment to wish my Grandmother a Very Happy 96th Birthday!
It is so amazing to think of all the things she has seen, the history, advances in technology, the births of her children (2), and grandchildren (4) and great-grandchildren (8)! She has been the wife to two men whom she loved and survived the deaths of both. She still enjoys the silly sense of humor of her grand-daughters which is a good thing! We went to dinner last night to celebrate and she topped it off with a big glass full of chocolate sundae. Of course we saved her from the diabetic coma that would have been forthcoming had she eaten this alone by throwing aside our own personal safety and sharing.
I am so blessed by my family!

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ltlrags said...

96! And she still looks fantastic. Happy Bday!!!!