Monday, September 27, 2010

Entertaining Myself

"LeAnn... Why do you blog?"

This is a question that I often ask myself as well as am asked by curious onlookers.

Why? Ahhh.... Let us ponder...

To entertain!

To entertain myself.

To entertain my family and friends.

To entertain strangers who wander on to my space here.

To Communicate.

To communicate with myself (some call this journaling)

To communicate with others

To invoke thought, discussion,

To Inspire

Inspire deeeeep thoughts

And Shallow thoughts

And imagination

I do love to hear myself talk, as you all well know.

And blogging helps me keep my mind off of myself and 'out there'

Keeping an eye out for interesting things to photograph

Trying to sku my thought process toward the positive.

Like today....

Started with a pre-dawn trip to McDonalds for their iced coffee. Better than Starbucks, twice the quanity and half the price. Ding Ding-- we have the winning Trifecta!!

And.... I noticed after awhile that something interesting was going on with my straw.

I thought it was white.

But then I thought it was blue.

And then.....


It is a Magic Straw!!

It changes color when it gets cold!


When it was in the coffee or I was sucking it IT WAS BLUE!!

When it was not and I was not IT WAS WHITE!!!


Can you picture it? YOU DON'T HAVE TO BECAUSE I TOOK A PICTURE!!!!!!!
And this entertained me all day. Which was much more fun than my icky day at work or the fact that we had to take my mom to the hospital. AGAIN.
You gotta find joy wherever you can find it, Geeezers.

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