Monday, August 16, 2010

My Birthday Trip: Part 1

A week ago was my birthday. My sister claims it was my 50th but I have my doubts. Fortunately for me, I can't count that high so the details of exactly which anniversary of my birth this was are insignificant.
We celebrated by taking the weekend off. We left Thursday night with the intention of coming back early Saturday morning. As it happened, we stayed until Sunday night. Do you know what that means, Geeezers? 3 full days off work. That hasn't happened in the last year and a half! It was wonderful. We stayed in a great hotel right on Venturas beach complete with a beautiful view and authentic wave crashing sounds (not that white noise stuff!)
The next morning, which was my actual birthday, we decided to head for Santa Barbara to do some window shopping-- and wound up right in time for the Old Spanish Days parade and street fair. Everywhere there were people selling actual chicken eggs that had been emptied and filled with confetti which you broke over the heads of people for fun. It was so cool. We had confetti in our hair all day!

I tried to talk my sister into a tattoo but she wouldn't hear of it so we got henna tattoos on our ankles. That was pretty cool! Okay so she is too conservative for a real tattoo but she had to buy all this hippie incense stuff. Gack!! On the way back to Ventura we stopped at the Fenner families favorite candy store in Carpenteria, Robitaille's. You don't want to know what we got-- lets put it this way. Chocolate. Lots of Chocolate.
We went back to Ventura for dinner and then, because it was my special day to cut loose, to the hotel bar for a yummy Pina Colada. The real kind. It is a good thing they are expensive because otherwise I might get used to that! I think we made it up until 10:30pm that night. Pretty late for us! I guess I could blame it on the alcohol, but the truth is that I did hang a BA off the balcony. It was dark. I needed to be crazy.
The next morning we ordered room service which was another treat. It was hard to leave that hotel but we could only have it the two nights because Kathy and Chris were getting married that day!
Did I forget to mention Kathy & Chris' wedding? Oh, the hotel was all abuzz with excitement. Relatives were everywhere. We snuck up to the top floor to see the reception area and it looked great! We were so bummed that we hadn't brought fancy clothes so we could crash.
After we got packed up and checked out of the hotel we went to old town Ventura for some window shopping. Guess what? ANOTHER PARADE!! At this point I realized that everyone between Ventura and Santa Barbara were putting on fake festivals just to throw surprise parades for my birthday! It was awesome!!! Lots of pretty horses. After the parade we went to the movies and saw Dinner for Smuckes. It was pretty funny. Then we high tailed it back to the beach because Kathy & Chris were due to get hitched. The invited guests sat in chairs on the beach but the rest of us watched from the boardwalk. I don't know what was going on but the wedding started a full hour late. Monica and I enjoyed making up scenarios of why this could be happening. Maybe we was questioning his sexual orientation. Maybe she had spilled something on her dress. Maybe he was just getting in the shower. WHO KNOWS. But eventually it got going. It was a lovely wedding. I don't think I have ever seen Kathy looking so radiant nor Chris so happy. They made a beautiful couple. There were many entertaining things going on during the ceremony. At one point a flock of screeching seagulls flew over head while guest prayed that none would drop a bomb on them. A airplane towing a huge Subway Sandwich banner buzzed overhead a few times. But the most disturbing was that 4 times (FOUR TIMES) during the ceremony they were interrupted by trains blowing their horns 100 feet away. Bet the hotel didn't warn them about that when they were signing contracts. When the wedding was over we popped into the hotel restaurant because we had decided that we really had to try this wedge salad on the menu. We shared the salad-- which did not disappoint, and headed off to our motel for the final night.
Since this was an unscheduled night we had to go with Motel 6. I have stayed in this particular Motel 6 many times and been happy with it. This time, however, we ended up in a smoking room. Wow. So we headed off to the store for lots of room deodorizers and snacks (because all we had for dinner was a shared wedge salad you know) and hair dye. We decided to dye our hair auburn. It matched the henna tattoos you know. Between the peroxide odor of the hair dye and the cigarettes we basically lost the ability to smell anything at all which was probably a good thing. I forgot to mention that possibly the most disappointing aspect of our trip was, are you sitting down for this, the total lack of Food Network shows on any channels at either hotel. OMG
I always go to sleep with Guy Fieri. Always. It was hard to go to sleep without Guy. And without cats. That was weird.


Karen said...

LeAnn you gals sound like so much fun! I wonder if my sister would be fun to do something like this with!!??? Nope I doubt it...she would have to find a bingo parlor before she started having withdrawals! lol

ltlrags said...

With this the fourth Geeezblog of August, LeAnn has marked a triumphant return to blogging. The previous high-point of humor, hit in November 2009, has been completely obliterated by today's epic story of her near 50th birthday. The world, and all Geeezer's applaud you!

ltlrags said...

Love ya!