Monday, August 23, 2010

Back In The Saddle

I am matriculating again!
I have done half of my first week's Finite Math assignment!
I am trying to remember Math. It is difficult.
I set up a wonderful new spot in the living room for my laptop and study space. I confiscated Lauren's desk because she isn't taking it to her dad's. Fortunately this is extremely convenient for the feline members of the staff to visit me as I work and check out my answers. Malley and Layla have been especially helpful tonight.
Logging into the introduction portion of the discussion forum caused me a brief existential crisis when I noted that my professor has dubbed us "Finite Students" OMG I AM Finite? Really? Does that mean that I could just hit a wall any minute now? Does that mean that the time line that is my life really has an end, not just a transition???? Who does she think she is defining the scope of my learning process. Must she really just intellectually assault me the very first night of class? Has she no faith in us? Is her self esteem so low that she has to put us in our place right away?
Finite indeed.
I am going to bed.

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