Thursday, April 15, 2010

Landscaping: The Adventure Continues

Now that the sod has been laid it is time for the expert Landscaping Duo otherwise known as the Rittel Sisters, to get into gear.

Our adventure began at the local Lowes Home Improvement Center where we found many many things that would improve our home but focused on interesting things to do with our yard.

These are the items we selected to start. We got 3 Peter Pan Daylilies (which is about 4 short of what we need) some marigolds, some petunias, some little purple thingies, 2 bushy things and some brick dealios to put around our tree.

I know this is kind of mean, but I told Monica I wanted to take a picture of her with her Suburban but what I really wanted to show you is how consistently bad our parking jobs are. Both of us, not just her. But luckily for me she doesn't document my life the way I document hers. At first I thought she had tried to park in a space that had a planter at the end or something, but no... she had just failed to pull in all the way. Hence we see the enormous suburban butt hanging out into the parking lot.


We unloaded the plants and got down to work. We put the brick dealios around the tree which worked fairly well except there is this dang huge ROOT in the way. We haven't figured out what to do about that yet. Becca and her friend were there to help. Thank goodness because every time I leaned down I got dizzy (I wonder if it is time to have my blood pressure issues addressed again). So they took over the planting stuff. This was devastating to me because gardening is.. well... how can even express in mere words the glory, the grandeur of dirty hands. How at one with nature one feels? How Mother Earth-ish??? Seriously it was fine by me. I had Spanish homework to do and other Really Important Things to do in the house that did not involve getting dirt on my hands. More on those activities another day because I believe my lack of Mother Earth Karma caught up to me big time.

Becca found a worm which she was kind enough to share on camera. One might notice the conspicuous absence of another family member. I believe she was napping.... Shocker there, eh? I feel a great need to apologize in advance to this poor little bush who was unlucky enough to be picked to go in our side yard. I will, mostly likely, manage to kill it in the near future. Yes, it looks all green and happy now but before long my plant killing powers will come into play. Please send happy plant thriving thoughts to our yard.
It needs all the help it can get.

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