Thursday, March 18, 2010

I'm A Rambling Woman

My DS and DIL (dear son and daughter in law) are camping this week. In a tent. (shudder)
My DD (dear daughter) is getting ready to go to New York with her dads this weekend. I, on the other hand, am working.... and working.... and homeworking.... and being a slug the rest of the time.
Camping: yuck. I don't like being wet or cold or laying on the ground. I prefer to 'camp' in motels. They don't have to be GREAT hotels... a modest Motel 6 will do. I don't like critters. I like showers and toilets and TV. So sue me. Camping isn't what it once was, I must say. The other night my son texted me.... from his campfire... That just isn't right. When he was a kid he was always one to play in the fire. Poking at it... lighting cups on fire.... It has been said that I did the same thing as a kid so it must be genetic. So last night, when he was texting me, I reminded him not to play with his phone and his fire at the same time lest he end up with a true "BLACKberry" Get it? OMG, I crack myself up!
My daughter is heading off to NYC to see the town. This is her 18th birthday gift from her dad. For my 18th birthday I think I got a reminder to leave home. Oh yeah, and my boyfriend gave me an engagement ring. This is exactly how it was. Jim: I am coming over. I picked up your ring. Me: Don't give it to me now don't you want to do something romantic? My mom is here. Jim: I just want to give you your ring... Here it is. The End I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN THERE WAS SOMETHING OFF ABOUT THIS!!!!!!!!!! Why didn't anyone warn me????? Hello?
Back to Lauren.... I hope she has a great time. I wish I were going too. Brandon & Jericho have been to the east coast also. It is a sin to be envious, huh?
Since my oldest offspring and his bride are gone I am in charge of feeding my grand-kitty Angel. My grand-puppy Penny is having a vacation at the Spoelstra home. I guess they thought she needed spiritual counseling (Mr Spoelstra is one of our pastors). Both their animals have an eating disorder where they will eat anything in front of them and then barf it right up so they don't get to self feed. We self feed at my house. The dog... the cats... especially me..... Every morning and evening I am walking to their house , which used to be my house, to feed Angel. She is always starving. She breaks my heart. Every time I get the little scoop of food out she bangs into it and sends kitty crunchies flying all over the place.... so I guess she is also entertaining herself because she finds every one of them.
Do I sound tired tonight? I am tired. Work is stressful these days. I take it all so personally. I worry over the money and I fret over my co-workers. I don't like leaving for work when it is dark outside but the evenings are so nice right now and it is good to be able to take the dog for a walk after work.
The flowers blooming on the trees are so beautiful. The Joshua tree outside my office has several blooms on it--- those are rare and spectacular.
I know I am rambling. Tired my old body is--- joints are sore. Must be the weather changing. But my mind is awake--- kinda. I am praying for so many of my friends who have family problems. Sick and aging parents. Physical problems. I have had my pajamas on for hours and it isn't even 8:00pm yet. I keep reminding myself that the time change does not mean my body thinks it is 9:00 it thinks it is 7:00. My mind is so confused.
Rambling on and on.... assuming you all want to hear about it.....
My friend JC mentioned me in her blog today. And clicking on my name jumps over to my blog where we see..... yet another post about my traveling stuffed cat, Snowy. I suppose I should try for words of profundity (now there is a Big Word for you) but maybe I am just tired.


Anonymous said...

I want to see Joshua tree flower pics! Do you mean to tell me you didn't have your camera... once in your blogging life?

critterlover said...

Your lucky DD, a trip like that, wow!

You, don't forget to take care of LeAnn!