Monday, March 8, 2010

The Day LeAnn Disapeered

Today is a guest blog by my sister, Monica.

Yesterday my sister, LeAnn, went missing in action.
At approximately 10:44am I had purchased an iced coffee and cookies for her. When I was leaving Utah the day before she had instructed me to buy those for her. Rebecca and I drove over to her office to find she was not there. I started calling her and texting her. And much to my dismay: no answer.
Hours go by. Still no answer. I called her friend Stacy to see if she had heard from her. I called her son Brandon and he hadn't heard from her. And now I am starting to get really worried. This is so not like her. Next I call my charge nurse at work to check the hospital census and see if she was in the Emergency Room. She was not there. So I called the other hospital in town and inquired in their ER but she wasn't there either. At this point Stacy is calling me suggesting that I call the church. I call but there was just an answering machine. Meanwhile the iced coffee has completely melted and Rebecca is starting to eat the cookies. There were 22 phone calls between all of us in a 3.5 hour period of time. And 14 text messages to try to locate her. I also went back to her work 4 times looking for her car. Finally her son was able to get a message through to her computer at work. And he said "Hey, dummy. What are you doing?" And she texted back "Hi, wassup" and then he heard nothing back for about half an hour. My sister thought it was odd that she hadn't been called or texted all day but she was enjoying the silence and getting a lot of work done in her office. Where she said she would be. She was also getting caught up on Lost while she was working on boring stuff. So didn't notice that her son was still texting stuff like 'MOM ARE YOU DEAD?" and other things. She was focused on her work. And Lost because it is hard to watch that stuff and figure out what is going on. Right before we called the Police Brandon decided to make a trip to her office. Next thing she knows Brandon shows up knocking on the office door. Which she answers because I hadn't thought to KNOCK ON THE FRONT DOOR because I thought I would set the alarm off. On my 5th trip to the office there she was. Happily working away in her office. Her car was across the street in a parking lot where she told me she parks on Sundays so no one knows she is there and bugs her. I was just concentrating on the fact that I thought she was dead in ditch somewhere. But apparently her cell phone froze up and even though it looked okay nothing was going through.
So Brandon and I bawled her out pretty good and she apologized for many hours until she finally said OKAY I DIDN"T DO ANYTHING WRONG! Stacy came over to watch / mock the Academy Awards except for Sandra Bullock because we love her. Stacy also gave her a tongue lashing.
And we ate a lot of pizza and chocolate. And continued to remind her throughout the evening how badly she scared us and finally toward the end she was just getting pissed. Because she didn't do anything wrong. She wasn't in a ditch. She wasn't out with Mark. She wasn't at the bar. She wasn't dead somewhere with dogs eating her like in Bridget Jones' Diary. She wasn't doing ANYTHING FUN. Well, except for watching Lost cuz Sawyer is kinda hot. And Jacob too. And Richard. But not the smoke monster guy. Or Locke. He is just creepy.
Today she was a good girl and answered all my texts that she was at work. ALL. DAY. LONG.
The end.
(PS: She helped me write this)


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