Friday, March 5, 2010


It is Friday nite in the Big City

My old lady isn't coming back from Utah until tomorrow. So tonight.

Tonight is Animal Cookie Milkshake Nite.

Me and the DIL were out on the town. Decided to wrap things up with a trip to Carls Jr for the Circus Milkshake Experience.

First we went to the one on Ave L & 10th St West. They didn't have them. OMG!!! THE HORROR!!! Did we wait too long? Had opportunity tapped me on the shoulder only to be turned away one too many times and now had tap danced away to parts unknown???

But, we persevered. We drove to another Carls Jr. This one had colorful inviting advertisements for this crazy concoction posted all over the place. So we each got one.

Oh yeah. It delivered.

Creamy vanilla milkshake. Crunchy cookies with that slightly waxy frosting. Little nibbly crunches of the candy balls to contrast all the smoothness. Creamy whipped cream topping it all off. First it is easy enough to slurp it up through the straw. But then, OH YES THEN, you work you way toward the bottom of the cup and find lots of cookies like buried treasure. They clog your straw and so, trying to savor the moments one by delicious one you STAB at the cookies and they push their way into your straw and you suck them out the way that all adventurous souls suck the marrow of life from the bone.

Oh yes, yes you do.

Go forth.

Embrace the milkshake

Experience the Circus of Life my friend

Live it to the fullest--- one never knows when the circus will end and once more you are back to the diet cokes of life.

At least until they bring back Captn Crunch Shakes!

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Anonymous said...

Captain Crunch milk shakes? Where!? I want to know now. Kody, being the adventurous kid that he is, put Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal in his ice cream one night. It's yummy - you've got to try it.