Monday, February 8, 2010

I Survived The Weekend

Okay, this is going to be a really quick post because I need to do my Spanish homework. But I am going to type slowly because I know you don't read all that fast....
Think about it.....
Okay. I know some (nee: ALL OF YOU) were worried about my survival over the weekend and the short story is: Yes, I did.
Which only makes sense really because YOU CAN'T BLOG FROM BEYOND THE GRAVE......
Or Can You?????
Here are some answers to your questions:
1) Yes, it was loud Friday night but I did get some sleep. My bedroom is strangly soundproof.
2) Yes it was raining horribly on the drive to Disneyland but it cleared up once we got there and didn't rain again. BUT they closed the park early because it was suppposed to rain. Stupid wimpy Mouse.
3) The girls are great and yes, I really did allow them to swim in their clothes.
4) I did take pictures of my motel room and will post soon. It will facinate you I promise. Really-- Motel 6 has gone in a very new and exciting way of decorating.
5) Hamsters
6) No, I actually forgot about the Super Bowl party because I wasn't very awake. Sorry. I hope you all still had fun without me.
7) Yes

Many thanks to my sister without whom I could not have taken the girls for Laurens bday trip since she gave me the tickets for free (#8 even though 2 day tickets say they are not transferable you really can let someone else use them for the second day).
Also thanks to my cousins Susie, Steve and Bonnie who let me hang out with them during the day because (really Sheila, I am sorry to tell you this) I didn't even WANT to go into Disneyland. How many times can you see the Jungle Cruise and still pretend it is real????? (Sorry if I just burst someone's bubble there)
And most of all, thanks be to God who gave me a lovely weekend with no monster (whom I have started to call Chuck just to downgrade the fear factor) and helped me drive the freeways even in the rain.
More later Geeezers......

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critterlover said...

Whew! Lucky you. You are a brave soul. Sounds like a good time was had by all. Good!