Sunday, January 24, 2010

College Textbooks

Oh this Brave New World in which we live, breathe and matriculate!

Gone are the days of putting a fruit snack in your pink camouflage rolling backpack and heading off to class.
Today all one has to do is plop oneself down in front of her handy dandy computer and log in to attend class.
Lectures by a distinguished professor have been replaced by a cartoon character with accompanying silly sound effects via the web. (Think Conjunction Junction What's Your Function?) And if you don't 'get' that reference, just forget it. You are TOO YOUNG!

This is my text book for my Spanish Class this semester.
IT COST ME $194.95!!!!!!!!!!! AND I CAN'T EVEN SELL IT BACK!!!!

It is an envelope. With a CODE inside.
And it cost more than my first car. Okay that isn't really true but it is close!!
Shouldn't something that expensive be THICKER?
I can't even wrap a paper bag around it and draw pictures on it of a Liger or something. What the heck? WHERE IS MY PEECHEE FOLDER????

But.... never fear, Geeeezers.... soon I will be purchasing my Financial Accounting Textbook. And this is for a IRL class (In Real Life) at the actual Antelope Valley College Business Education Building and I will have a real live professor!
Where is my pink rolling backpack? I am gonna need that soon!!!


JC said...

I think it's great that you are getting EDucated ... maybe just a pink backback will be needed ... now, off with you to shop for one ^,,^

Anonymous said...

That's a total rip off! I had to pay that much for a real life textbook once because it was out of print, but for an electronic copy? Why would a college require you to have that book? They probably get a cut.

fun4families said...

I agree... college textbooks are a HUGE expense.. there are lots of ways to save money now as second semester starts. Look at this good article that explores all the options out there to save money on your college textbooks. It explains pros and cons of everything from renting, borrowing, sharing and even new online resources. Worth a read,

fun4families said...

Here;s the article that talks about ways to save on college textbooks:

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