Thursday, January 14, 2010

Apologies to the Phobics

This is a horrible thing to do to you out there. I am a horrible person.
Because the situation presented itself and in a flabbergasting display of insensitivity I felt COMPELLED to blog about your suffering.

What kind of awful person does that???

A blogger. Yes.... It is your great mis-fortune to have a blogger in your life.

You know who you are. The people who shun the Dreaded Canisters of Doom otherwise known as the Biscuits in a Can.
Biscuits. In a CAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Some of us Tra La La blithely through life with nary a nano-second of thought lost wondering what could happen if we were to take one of those canisters that are packed with such astounding pressure-- chock full of Biscuit dough-- and SMASH them against an available counter..

I couldn't help myself.
They were delicious.

(No animals were harmed in the documentation of the Biscuit Can Of Doom Documentary)


critterlover said...

LMAO! Kitty doesn't seem to be worried.

I know, I heartlessly smash them on the counter edge too.


Karen said...

hahaha! I have that phobia! You should see me trying to open a can of biscuits!

Stacy Vogt said...

I dread that explosion as well. Almost more than when you are trying to get on the escalator without it eating you alive under those teeth.LOL.