Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Purrfect Holidays

You can tell the minute you walk through the front door that this is a house of women--- there is a white tree with feather boa 'garland' and pink ornaments.
Best of all, we see Jasmine, my lovely Siamese, curled up under the tree--- she is the cutest ornament I think.

And since I have shown off my pretty little Siamese I am going to tell you about a great group of friends I have: The Purrrfect Furgang.
This group started out on the Weight Watchers 40+ community board way back in about 2001 I believe (but I could be wrong). Our alpha Cat is Janet (JC) and we would post messages back and forth about our lives and diets and our common love of cats (and dogs too-- but mostly cats).
Eventually JC created a Yahoo group and now we share thoughts and problems and pictures.
We are from both coasts and a few from the middle of the country too. We have never met-- not yet anyhow-- though we all would like to someday.
This year we have seen a lot of illness, job loss, family problems and the loss of many of our furry family. Personally, we have lost two in our household: Madeline & Lily. And some of our group have lost kitties just in the last few days or weeks so this is a bittersweet time. Meanwhile, we have a safe place to vent, ask for prayers and/or good thoughts and advice and support when we are trying to make the hard choices when it comes to our furgangs.
Every year JC organizes the Purrfect Furgang Holiday Card Exchange. The quest to find the perfect cat themed card starts the minute the stores stock the shelves. Some feature pictures of the whole furry family. Some are just cute or funny or sweet. It is always a highlight of the season to display all my cat cards. You would be surprised at how many there really are!!
So, here is to my Furrgang Friends! We have been through a lot together this year. Let's hope 2010 is a little kinder to everyone!!!
With Headbonks to all~


critterlover said...

*clinking glasses* Here's to a better 2010 and certainly a healthier one for us and our furkids.


JC said...

I LOVE the tree but did the Siamese come with it ? LOL

I mentioned you on my blog this meowning ...

I'm also hoping for a Purrfect 2010 .. we all deserve it !!!

Karen said...

I love our little group of friends!

I love that tree and the purrty siamese under it!

That corgi :) said...

sounds like a wonderful group of friends! something always that is needed to help "do life together" so cute how you guys send cat cards to each other too; that must be fun to go shopping for