Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Lunch Out With The Hoard

It all started out nicely enough. Lunch out with allllllll the kids. That means 5 between 10 and 17 with an extra 11 year old thrown in for good measure. To be exact we had 10, 11, 12, 14, 16 & 17. And then my sister who is 74 years old. (not really) (like I had to tell you that!!)

They wanted Thai food.

This is my older nephew Brian II-- but he is Scooter to the family.

In an unspeakable act of Nickname Bigotry we were not allowed to bring him into the restaurant because they had a rule:



And let me tell you these people had no business discriminating against customers because we were the only ones there!
Sadly I could not get a clear picture of this menu but there was a drink on there called the Monkey Nipple. It was spelled wrong but we were assured it is, in fact, called Money Nipple.

Well, of course this got us all giggling like a bunch of idiots. And my other nephew, who is not carrying the burden of a nickname- Zachary-- he decided he wanted a Money Nipple.
Yes, there are many, many jokes there but I am going to try to pass on most of them in the interest of finishing this post sometime tonight. Because I keep trying to FORMAT this dang thing and the pictures disappear and I am about ready to chuck my computer out the window.

The waiter, who had NO OTHER CUSTOMERS was not the slightly bit amused at our jocularity over the name of the drink.

Now, if you don't want people to LAUGH about it why call it that??? HUH???? Call it "A Glass Full of Ground Up Rice and Coconut Milk" because that is descriptive at least.
When the drink finally came no one could stand it except for Lauren who loves that Horchata stuff too......
And Zachary discovered, as so many of us do, that asking for a Monkey Nipple is rarely as fulfilling as one would hope.

The End


critterlover said...

You are so funny LeAnn! Poor Scooter. That's sad, to discriminate so. :-(

I would think, yes, if you're going to call something a Monkey Nipple, you should expect some jocularity.

Some people just have no sense of humor.

Kym said...

So did you take Scooter to Burger King to get something to eat?

Karen said...

OMG...that is hilarious! Merry Christmas!